Emails are such an important part of our lives and will be more so in the future

Why be when you can be

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What do you get?

  • The privacy of your own emails, you cannot be spied on as in a work email address can be.
  • 25 Gig email storage.
  • Your name is yours to keep.
  • Knowing that only you can have this name.
  • For a one off $50 fee we can migrate and combine all of your email boxes into to your new Email Address for ease of use.

Benefits for owning your own
name as an Email Address

Create your own personal Email Address:

  • That suits your personality, career, business or interests
  • That’s unique and memorable, flexible and portable
  • Ease of people remembering your Email Address
  • Easy to setup!
  • Are you stuck with a generic email address? Or are you starting a business, and want a personal email who reflects exactly who you are and where you’re from?
  • Perhaps you’re sick of having to change email addresses every time you change your internet provider?
  • We feel your pain, and that’s why Personal Emails is here to give all Australians the chance to own their own email addresses – forever!
  • In just a few quick steps you can go from having a forgettable email shared by millions, to one which family, friends and clients will never forget.
  • What’s more you’ll own it for life for a small yearly fee, and you will be able to keep it no matter how many times you change internet plans or service providers.

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The Perfect Gift

What could be a more meaningful gift for Christmas, a new arrival, a special birthday for a child, a graduation present, an expression of love, or even a memorable gift for a parent than an email address with their name on it?

Some examples of Email Addresses:

Secure Online Payments

Your children’s own secure Email Address, what a great way to build Family Pride!

What a great present for someone who has everything.

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